Saturday, May 27, 2017

these are slew of my favorite things - may edition

Even though May is technically still Spring, I feel like the month of May officially kicks off Summer.  However, I live in Colorado and after a few days of 90 degree weather followed by two snowstorms in the last two weeks, those few months of longer days and breezy nights feel a tad out of reach. But I digress. Let me get back to my initial sunny disposition...

"May came out full of bloom and beauty."
-"A Little Girl in Old Boston" by Amanda Millie Douglas

I get giddy at the sight of flower buds in Spring and cheery at the drop of a leaf in Fall but Summer is where it's at for me. May is the beginning of pool days, spontaneous day trips, brunch on the patio, "porch happy hours" with the neighbors while we watch our kids play in the yard, and lazy days where we do absolutely nothing. Below is a list of things that make the kick-off to summer a little more sweeter for me...

The Magnolia Journal - Summer 2017 

Perfect for poolside reading. Plus, who doesn't love Chip and Jo?(I'm OBSESSED) Filled with great articles including a hilarious one written by Chip that talks  about embracing the "Dad Bod", yummy recipes, family oriented activities, and of course some serious home decor eye candy. 

Available for subscription here
Also available at Barnes and Noble Stores Nationwide

Bath and Body Works La Collection Francaise "La Fleur" Body Lotion
and Grove Collaborative Mint and Argan Oil Lip Balm

So I walked into BBW last week planning on buying some gifts for Minis teachers but ended up snagging a bunch of stuff for myself. The first thing I noticed about "La Fleur" was its chic packaging. I am a sucker for cool packaging and the new horizontal containers, simple fonts with the new scents caught my eye. I immediately fell in love with this scent. So refreshing and light. Whats even more awesome is that the scent last like, ALL DAY.

I'll mention Grove Collaborative again a little later but I received this lip balm in this months delivery. The mint leaves a tingly sensation on your lips and continuously hydrates throughout the day. 

"La Fleur" available at BBW stores Nationwide
Lip Balm available at GroveCollborative. com

SoDo Village Market
(Local Shout-out)

Last weekend the girls and I took a stroll down South Downing and discovered this little gem. Sodo is a small neighborhood grocery store where locals can get produce, farm fresh eggs, milk, artisan cheeses, and select cuts.  It was charming to say the least and even though I don't live in that neighborhood, I will make it a point to drop in every now and then. 

SoDo Village Market
(303) 880-3900

Salty Road Salt Water Taffy in Salty Caramel Apple

I looooove salt water taffy and am not ashamed to admit that I will binge eat these bad boys. I was first introduced to these delectable bites when I received a box in my Amazon Surprise Sweets box. I devoured them and ordered more online. Salty Road was born in 2011 in a small home kitchen but is now a full fledged candy factory operating in Brooklyn, NY. Each morsel is creamy and rich with flavor and have a subtle salty crunch. Caramel Apple is my favorite, but Peanut, Vanilla, Mango, and Peppermint are just a few of the other flavors SR has to offer. 

Available online at

jujube Be Light and Be Quick

Be Quick and Be Light in "First Lady"

My diaper bag is less "bag" and more like cargo. I fill it with literally everything! In case of a catastrophic event, the girls and I will be prepared. However... schlepping around that behemoth is not necessary for quick runs to the grocery store. For short outings I usually take this tote. It's lightweight and big enough to carry a a wet bag filled with a change of clothes(blowouts really do blow) , my wallet, changing pad, and a Be Quick that is filled with diapers, wipes, butt balm, and sanitizer. If the jujube lingo is confusing, consider yourself lucky. Once discovered, buying(more like collecting) jujube can become highly addicting. The functionality and endless prints of these bags can put a dent in your wallet for sure. 

Available at

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day in "Basil"

Is it weird that I love quality cleaning products? Mrs. Meyers is my go to in this house. I have a bottle of the multi-surface cleaner in each bathroom and keep the stock pile of other bottles under the kitchen sink. MM is 98% natural and gets the job done without the use of harsh chemicals and smells pretty great too. You can find MM at most grocery and big box stores, but I buy a majority of our household supplies from Grove Collaborative, an online B Corp. that offers natural, non-toxic household products. Items usually cost a tad less than grocery stores and GC does a great job at offering bigger discounts when you buy in bundles. Click below to get $10 off your first order!

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