Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hello, its me...

Its me, Alicia. Returning to the blogging world after 3.5 years. Instead of a long drawn out post covering my years being M.I.A. I will keep it short and sweet and just stick to the basics.

Life Change #1
Mini is still my Mini, just not so mini anymore:

Here she is all in all her glory, cooking away in the buff because that's how Mini rolls. She is now six and a half, a tad taller, a lot more talkative, and a little more independent from when you last saw her.

Life Change #2
WontonMommy of one is now WontonMommy of two:

Meet, Dumpling (see what I did there?) a.k.a Mika (Mee-Kah) born February 5th, 2017. It's too early to tell if this one will be as precocious as her predecessor, but she definitely keeps this house on our toes, she's quickly risen to Boss Baby status.

Life Change #3
Cash me in da fleet.

After Baby #2, Hubs and I decided it was time for me to leave the workforce. It's been an adjustment, but reality finally sank in when one morning while dropping Wonton off at school we were siting at a red light. The light turned green, I proceeded, and then turned left. Looking in my review mirror I noticed there was a convoy of SUV's behind me, we were all heading to the same place: the drop off lane of our kids school. Stepping out of the car in my yoga pants, puffy down jacket, and rocking my "mom-bun"... it became Crystal clear, I am officially a SAHM. After years of a steady 9 to 5, I now report to a Minecraft obsessed kindergartner and a demanding milk-drunk baby.

So there you have it folks, the cliff-notes version of the last three years. For the readers that decided to come back, hello again and thanks for hanging in there.

For those of you that are just meeting me, "WontonMommy" is my open diary, all my "doing-somethings", "favorite-somethings", and of course, all my "mommy-somethings". Nice to meet you, and hope ya'll stick around for awhile.

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